Christmas haiku


and humility


7 thoughts on “Christmas haiku

      1. Dear Ellen, I was so glad to receive your post today. I’ve been looking for some way to weave Advent into my life, work and thought. When I read your poem, my response was something that came to me as a way to do that…and I thought how valuable something like this is, were a few words from one opens the door for the next person… Thank YOU for your lovely blog. So glad I found you.


  1. Dear Merrill, So good to read your note this morning. I learned of your art when you illustrated “a spill of apples” by Carol Purington & Larry Kimmel (for others reading this, this is a Winfred Press Book of “linked verse” from Colrain, MA). I found the book on my shelf and have it right here. It is a beautiful book and now I will reread it, this lovely quiet morning.


    1. PS I am grateful for your very kind words about this blog!

      Blogging with WordPress has given my creativity new inspiration and has brought many kindred spirits into my life. Just seems to fit my life and gifts.

      Christmas blessings, Ellen


  2. Hi, Ellen, I’m just getting together my Christmas card for Carol and Larry. What dear friends they have been to me over the years. I’ll tell Carol about your blog… perhaps she’s reading it as I write????
    Poetry has brought many dear and wonderful friends into my life and I can’t even imagine what my life would be without it. The treasure of such fine poets actually being friends too is one of the wonders of love.
    That book was the first book I did drawings for. I’d done drawings for journals for years and years…and still do. Now I seem to be transitioning out of print into electronic. Still, drawing is my first language.
    I send you ADVENT BLESSINGS now, Ellen. These are days of discovery and anticiption. These days to me are one of the most treasured because it always brings me back to the center…to be with who is holy in our lives.
    GOD Bless & Keep You
    Under His Wings
    Close to His Heart


    1. Dear Merrill, Thank you. I feel as you do about poetry and the friends it has brought into our lives. Carol and I correspond, as we can. Some poems by her appear on this blog (12/21/10 and 3/22/11).

      Your drawings are so beautiful. I still publish in some print journals also. Not really a haiku poet as you, Carol, and Larry are.

      God bless and keep you too. Thank you for your Advent Blessings and the same for you…


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