Sweet Memories (O Tannenbaum)

sweet memories of
my German mother
and all the cookies
she baked at Christmas
“O Tannenbaum”

Images courtesy of Dover Publications.
From My First Book of Christmas Songs:
20 Favorite Songs in Easy Piano

2 thoughts on “Sweet Memories (O Tannenbaum)

  1. Oh, Our Mother’s cooking! At Christmas our house was filled with the aromas of a huge feast. It was my Mother’s favorite holiday and she spent months planning for something special indeed.


    1. “the aromas of a huge feast”

      Cauliflower cooking still causes me to remember Elin, my Swedish Nanna–my father’s mother.

      My mother’s mother died a year before I was born, to the day. But I feel I know Grace through her aprons and needlepoint, and other art.

      Thanks, Merrill, for your comment!


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