Holiday Mail

Sitting quietly and reading the Psalms…which inspire this blog, along with the nature outside my window and along country roads.

I reflected upon my recent posts and the holiday mail.  As you can tell, I miss receiving cards from Charles Waugaman and am honored to share his work.  He was one of the first editors to take my poetry seriously and to publish it (20 years ago).  He edited TIME OF SINGING (TOS) for years, an international literary Christian journal, still in print and now edited by Lora Zill for many years.  It is also illustrated by different artists. 

Charles left so much art behind and I will not ever reach the end of reading and viewing his work.  He meditated upon Scripture and prayed constantly.  He mostly gave his art away–this was ministry for him. We became friends after he retired to Vermont.  We shall meet again.  Lora Zill continues to publish his poetry and drawings in TOS.

My thoughts turn now to the wide variety of holiday mail.   This year is special for many reasons.  Former Sunday School students wrote to us and shared pictures of their families. I heard from fellow students from different colleges and from former professors.  Many greetings from family and friends. Thank you for yours as well.  

New Year’s card courtesy of

6 thoughts on “Holiday Mail

  1. Hi, Ellen, I’m not looking for any more projects at this time. Things have gotten a bit hectic around here and I’m attempting to simplify during the coming year so I can get through it all… Still it was a long time ago and I did enjoy doing the cover.


    1. Thank you, Roberta. And I should add we did not meet “in person,” although we spoke on the phone and he prayed. But as with blogs, isn’t it true how reading and viewing the art of others grows friendships…


  2. Many years ago I did a cover for a journal with a title like Time of Singing…I’d have to go back in my records to see if it’s the same journal. Funny how paths cross from time to time.


    1. Hi Merrill, That’s interesting. Your drawings would surely have appealed to Charles. I don’t know if Lora Zill is seeking more illustrations or not at this time, but she accepts submissions by email. Know your calendar is full too.


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