Just when you thought the excitement was over

Violet Nesdoly / poems

Just when you thought the excitement was over

I know you just fell asleep
after his midnight feed
and that you’ve had an exhausting day.

I know we’ve dreamed of living
– just the three of us –
in rooms behind the cedar-fragrant shop

and that I promised to build you
a kitchen table and new beds
when we got back to Nazareth.

I know that you can’t wait
to show him
to your mom and dad

or put him in the clothes
you stitched for him
that he is even now outgrowing.

I know that you were looking forward
to things getting back to normal.
But heaven keeps interrupting

for I’ve had that dream again.
There’s no time to delay –
we’re on our way to Egypt!

© 2011 by Violet Nesdoly

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2 thoughts on “Just when you thought the excitement was over

  1. And just as we get used to Christmas becoming Epiphany…all of a sudden it’s Lent. As Christians, we learn to grow up fast.

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