Quiet Winter Gardens

quiet winter

resting under
light snow

am in no hurry
for spring (many
winter projects)

yet feel it in the
welcome growing light
of longer days

and looking out
my window

I know where
the snowdrops
will bloom

8 thoughts on “Quiet Winter Gardens

  1. I know the feeling. Yesterday I went to sit by the creek where snowdrops bloom and they were already up in so many places. Warm winter here in PA so far.


  2. Yesterday and today, I too felt the peace of the winter garden although nothing as lovely as snowdrops have sprung up yet. But these mild temperatures have left my parsley still green.


  3. Winter gardens are beautiful. I never trim the perennials back in the fall, as they make such gorgeous decoration. Also, I think the dried material helps to shelter the roots. Just the other day I went out and clipped a bouquet from the dried garlic chives and seed pods of my hibiscus. What a joy! 🙂


  4. Good morning, Margaret. I never trim the perennials back either. As I look back, I have relaxed so much about the yard since we came here. Seeing the perennials grow through last year’s fallen leaves is a favorite image.

    Lately, deer are in the front yard when I come down the stairs before sunrise, and I don’t mind!

    Yes, what a joy! I’ll have to clip a winter bouquet as well.


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