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  1. Thank you, Ellen, for publishing my drawing of praise. As we enter Lent we are reminded of the storms of life, of facing endings and hoping for beginnings. This is the time in spring where life is not at all certain but we have had our life-long walk with Our Lord Jesus Christ+ who has gone before, who walks with us through it all…the darkest night, the most violent of storms, even the cross itself for us, for his love for us. Even when we can’t feel it in this life, we do feel that love that has proved itself and in that love we hope… and yes, even praise him during this season of prayer and meditation. May he be with us all again this year. GOD Bless & Keep You
    Under His Wings
    Close to His Heart


  2. Dear Merrill, Thank you for sharing your beautiful art with the readers of this blog.

    This morning I thought of the hymn “O Love That Will Not Let Me Go.” George Matheson.

    Your comments are meditations as well. Love and Peace back to you! Ellen


  3. Dear Ellen, The refrains of hymns we have learned through the years are such a comfort to us as we make our way through life. I have a fragment of a refrain I heard many years ago but can’t find anywhere now…. it was just the descending notes of “ancient of days…” and while I can hardly remember the words around that… just those words themselves seem to strengthen and comfort me. Thank you for the honor of being among your meditations. Merrill


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