old pine trees

old pine trees
gave their lives long ago
so we could have shelter


yet the wood seems to live
radiates warmth and comfort

these are my thoughts
as Lent begins
and I quiet my soul

9 thoughts on “old pine trees

  1. Today I put the rosemary back out into the garden, started preparing the beds for peas next week…. it’s too early but somehow our weather seems out of time lately. Entering Lent in the face of daffodils springing from the ground seems counterintuitive… but yet it has always proved to be true to bring us back in line as spring often deceives us…This time of waiting and watching proves to be one of the most valuable I think of the year.


    1. Hi Merrill, Putting your rosemary back outside sounds wonderful. Here by Lake Michigan, we have long cool springs, even with this different winter. Waterbirds are flying north, though, and the sun is further north. I know we both love to watch the light.

      Blessings to you and all the kind readers who visit here! Ellen


      1. Hi, Ellen, I’ll be putting a wrap around the rosemary by the end of the week because we’re still getting some days where it gets pretty cold especially at night. But I felt that the sun on these warm days would do it good. I may be a little early in my planning so I just have to go with what is happening in the “light” as you say. Here, we never know what we’ll have for weather. It’s as likely to be really hot as it is to be cool all summer long. We learn to just go with what is and live in the moment.

        Thank you for your blessings. When we live in blessings we gain a new perspective.
        In gratitude, Merrill


    1. Hi, Ellen, What wonderful gifts these women are! Thank you for the links to so much creativity. I’ve been asked to document my drawings and when I looked back and contemplated what it would take to start a blog it seemed an absolute impossibility. When I see what these lovely ladies have done, it’s like looking at the impossibility and wondering how to begin…to unlock the electronic illiteracy I live with…and if I have time left to do it in?
      But what they have done has definitely pointed in a way I might be able to go …. GOOD LORD WILLIN’.


  2. You are welcome, Merrill. You are a gifted artist, and you and the Lord know what’s best for you. I find WordPress to be very friendly and supportive. I am not gifted technically at all. But one post at a time, and then you look back, and you have, as you say, documented a lot.

    Love, Ellen


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