snow shines on branches

snow shines on branches

with blue sky background

gift of another day

to say “thank you”

and create our art

8 thoughts on “snow shines on branches

  1. Out of our contemplation come praise and creativity. Given the gift of time is the most precious gift of all… and our art is our thanksgiving.


  2. I hadn’t quite thought of our art being our thanksgiving. Maybe I should allow my self to do more of that, instead of, if there’s time…


  3. Oh wow…you write lots of these short, inspirational poems…reminds me a lot of my wife—many of her poems are “short and sweet”, but with tons of power packed into just a few lines.

    You should definitely check her out at rosemarymint.wordpress and you would be a great addition at dverse poets…I love to find inspirational writers there.


  4. What a gift to read this morning! It fills those dark and groggy places, bringing light and gladness there. Thanks!


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