Migration – Spring Tanka

skeins of geese flying

to our neighbor Canada

a brand new chapter…

books arriving in the mail

songs of beauty and courage

Published in Bell’s Letters Poet (2011).
Image courtesy of antiqueclipart.com.

4 thoughts on “Migration – Spring Tanka

  1. Ellen, Today was sooo much warmer! It was in the 70’s. It was a great day for turning last year’s compost. I got so much done today. Spread the compost on my new pea patches (getting ready to plant peas) and spread compost under some potting soil in a new patch for kohlrabi. I hope I’m not too early for the kohlrabi, but it does like it cool, and it feels like it may just get very warm around here soon all of a sudden.
    While I was out with the compost and crocus bloomed! Bright yellow…and six daffodils in the front bloomed as well. So I do believe that Spring has finally made her lovely way to my house. I surely hope she stays.


  2. And I fear that Canada is sending a few chilly breezes down to us! I went out this morning, expecting to have a day in the garden but got such a chill I went back inside. It seems to have warmed up some out there but when you get a spring chill, it’s best to just curl up with one of your newly arrived books in a cozy chair with a hot cup of green tea! As always, thanks Ellen.


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