gardens growing

gardens growing

long before we came here

how deep the roots

must be and decades old

planted in God’s earth

Image of Marsh Marigolds
courtesy of Karen’s Whimsy.

4 thoughts on “gardens growing

  1. A whole section of my garden can’t be “planted” any more. The rocks have heaved and the myrtle has overgrown with root masses so dense you can’t get a fork in. The amazing thing is that the original plantings all come up through it all each year. The columbine, the daffodiles, the peonies, the day lily, the bleeding hearts. So I have left that area and just have to let it go natural….and along about the end of April it is so beautiful it takes my breath away.
    Today the first crocus bloomed. This year it’s yellow. It seems to me that the yellow crocuses blooming first seem to imply and sunny summer. Whereas the purple crocuses blooming first always seem to come before a summer of rain.


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