Watercolor by Christine Novak Kane

By Christine Novak Kane

Help in Troubled Times–free download–Strength

Please visit her site for more information.


Thank you, Christine!

16 thoughts on “Watercolor by Christine Novak Kane

  1. I have to tell you, Carol was one of the poets who taught me HOW to deal with it! One of the reasons I love her so very much.


    1. So happy we can all meet and share so often!

      Carol and I met through Hummingbird in the mid/late-1990s. vincent tripi told me about this wonderful “small” magazine for short poems (for others reading this: from Wisconsin, Phyllis Walsh, Editor).


      1. Hi, Ellen, I remember Hummingbird. I used to subscribe to it all the time. Someone asked me recently if I knew what ever happened to Phyllis. Would you know?


        1. Hi Merrill,

          My most recent issue of HUMMINGBIRD is Summer/Autumn 2011. Phyllis Walsh is now publishing from Greendale, Wisconsin. CX Dillhunt is the Assistant Editor. David Kopitzke is the Art Editor.

          Published in the spring and fall now.


          1. Yes, David was always her art editor. I wonder what happened. A couple of years went by when no one I knew knew what had happened and why she stopped publishing. I’ll have to see if I can find the address to pick it up again. It was always a lovely little thing.


            1. Hi Merrill, I’ll send you an email with the address I have (presuming it’s current). Yes, it is a lovely magazine.

              I also learned much more about Lorine Niedecker from Phyllis, who I believe was one of the first to write about Lorine. Both Wisconsin poets, as you know.


  2. Simply lovely. Am so grateful for the creativity of others. I’m so thankful for the grace of God who cares for us when we are not able to do so. A day in the garden yesterday aggravated an old injury and so I’ll be depending on God’s grace for a couple of weeks.


      1. Sometimes a day in the garden is worth it! 🙂 I’ll be o.k. Been dealing with this thing since 1976! Thanks for your prayers.


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