Haiga and Photos by Merrill Ann Gonzales

“Yellow Columbine”

“The Keeper of the Peonies”

By Merrill Ann Gonzales

All Rights Reserved.

Posted with her kind permission.

7 thoughts on “Haiga and Photos by Merrill Ann Gonzales

  1. Hi, Carol, So glad I could share some of my beauty with you who has shared so much of your beauty with me my cup runneth over. I LOVE YOU! Merrill


  2. Many thanks, Ellen. The yellow columbine … columbine are a sybol for the Holy Spirit since early Christian art. I always feel blessed when mine keeps coming back against all weeds!
    The heron was a gift from a dear friend who got a new one for her frog pond… and the white peonies were my Grandmother’s who handed them down to my Mother. After Mom had handed down some to me I lost them when we had to move (when I was no longer able to dig them up and John was too overburdened to deal with them.) It wasn’t till my Mom passed away that a good friend of hers told me she had some in her garden from Mom and would I like some… So she sent me two more plants. The circle unbroken after all. Here you will see that the stems are not quite up to holding the blossoms and they always bend over the supports before I can cut them.
    It is such a joy to share the beauty of GOD’s life here in this place and time.
    In gratitude, Merrill


    1. “The circle unbroken after all.” What a gift, Merrill. Thank you for sharing your art and adding your commentary. Yes, “the beauty of GOD’s life here in this place and time.”

      Thank you, Ellen


    1. Hi Carol, Happy to see your comment. Hope you saw Merrill’s back to you.

      I just changed my discussion settings to allow for more responses to individual comments, so conversations can continue.

      Also, the most recent comments from readers (and sometimes me) are now at the top of the comment section for each post.

      Will see how this goes, always learning!



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