Guest Artist – Merrill Ann Gonzales


This is a beautiful photo by Merrill’s husband, the late John L. Gonzales.

Both fine artists, we begin this Guest Post of Merrill’s drawings in John’s honor.


Cover Pine Island Journal of New England Poetry 2003 – 2004

Cover Stone Country

Cover Whole Notes 1993 a time for singing

Voices International Cover Drawing

Photo by John L. Gonzales and drawings by Merrill Ann Gonzales.
All Rights Reserved.

Posted here with Merrill’s kind permission.

4 thoughts on “Guest Artist – Merrill Ann Gonzales

  1. Hi, Ellen, That photo was taken at a place in a trout brook around here which John used in his final painting of that place. When my son passed away he took me to that place – a place of immense peace – where I could come to the depths of my grief in a relationship of love.


    1. Hi Merrill, Thank you for sharing more of your story and John’s photo. I am sorry about his passing and your son’s. Grateful you still feel deep love and are able to share in this way, comfort and uplift the spirits of so many others.

      On a much lighter note, I enjoy the variety in these drawings you sent. Thanks again. I really love your work.

      Love and blessings, Ellen


  2. Thank you Ellen, for the honor you have bestowed on my late husband who made it possible for me to draw at all. It was his care, sacrifice and love that gave me life. May you all be blessed with love.


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