4 thoughts on “God’s love”

    1. Hi Patti, Thank you — I’d be interested in learning more.

      Today we bought an Easter Lily at the grocery store in town. The woman who waited on us said that after it has bloomed, I can cut the plant back to the soil, plant it outside, and it will bloom again next year–and spread.


  1. How perceptive to choose the cactus! GOD always chasten those he loves…. Yet he’s always bringing forth beauty in our lives through his care. He surely understands us better than we do ourselves.


    1. Hi Merrill, Thank you. The cactus chose me! I sat and had coffee in the sunroom–just sat and watched–and then the poem. The light was bright and I thought, “Why hurry to my study?” — which gets more light in the afternoon.

      I do agree though that God understands us better than we do ourselves. Chasten is a good word. Like pruning.


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