Acrostic for Easter

E  ternally
A  dored
S  avior
T  ruly
E  ternally
R  isen

Matthew 28

11 thoughts on “Acrostic for Easter

      1. Thank you! Yes, maybe someday soon! I really love it. I left it for many years while in university but returned to it about a year and a half ago. I am really loving the process! Thanks and have a lovely day, Lorelei (aka incidentallearner)


  1. Sometimes I feel like my walk with Jesus is like an old married couple … been through so many deaths and rebirths together that the love just keeps getting deeper and stronger and we walk in peace through all things. The promise of eternally dwelling in HIS love is not exactly what anyone would imagine coming to it the first time.

    Your Acrostic, Ellen, means a whole lot more than what at first the words seem to mean. Many thanks. Merrill


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