Van Gogh – The Old Mill

The Old Mill by Vincent van Gogh

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      1. Ellen, That’s a mighty big job…but it’s so important in this old world of ours. Many thanks, Merrill


  1. It always seems strange to me, that we have the visions of a man remain with us, while the man himself has passed on. I often wonder at what it all means to keep drawing, painting, and passing on these dreams. And then one day, years after John passed away, a woman contacted me (after much searching) to let me know how much that painting of his has meant to her all these years. There was something in the light that greeted her after work that put her mind at ease. Funny, because that’s the way John was… there was something in his light that put us at ease. When I see this van Gogh, there is something in the light that is compelling. Something of the absolute joy of seeing. A wonderful “praise psalm” in paint.


    1. Dear Merrill, That is beautiful, “A wonderful ‘praise psalm’ in paint.”

      What a treasured and amazing story about John’s painting and light. What a gift for you, and that the woman cared about you to search and tell you.

      The comments from you and others bless my heart. Good to share as always.

      Thank you and blessings, Ellen


      1. Hi, Ellen, I have to tell you, sometimes I wonder what things mean and what is meaningful in our lives. It seems to me we spend so much time leading us away from who we are. Few people ever stop to consider what it is about a painting or a drawing that moves them… it just does or it doesn’t. So when I see a painting like this I like to try to put into words what has happened between me and the painting and the person who painted it. Many thanks, Merrill


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