trees in bloom

The graveyards in our rural area of Wisconsin have old trees which are flowering now.  They are places of history and respect, well-tended and honored. 

trees in bloom

some in pink

a color Mom loved

to see me wear

picture Resurrection

“Crabapple blossom”
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6 thoughts on “trees in bloom

  1. My Mom loved to see me wear Chartreuse …. which to me seemed to make my skin reflect green! I would have loved to have worn pink…but there were two colors I had to wait till I was old enough to buy clothes for myself. Pink and black. When they finally came out with “petal pink” I made sure I had several and since find that it’s become quite popular. The colors we like say many things about us. But sometimes the colors we can wear successfully are not the colors we like. I now find that black is not a very good color for me to wear.


    1. Hi Merrill, You would have a good sense of colors! I have a lot of black pants, but then wear colorful sweaters and T shirts. When I was teaching, it was easier to have a basic style. Could go from grading papers at the kitchen table to being ready to drive to work in 15 minutes!


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