quiet life

quiet life
the only life
I can live
want to live

wild roses
and windmills
on country roads

Image courtesy of Dover Publications.
From Women Illustrators Postcards.

8 thoughts on “quiet life

  1. We are so blessed if we are allowed a quiet life. My life has been anything but quiet but I treasure the quiet moments more dearly for their rarity.


    1. Hi Merrill, When I think back to my teaching career and the work from early AM to late at night, I am grateful for those years, but also glad I can live the way I live now. One nice thing about poetry–and I’m sure you also feel this way about your art and photos–is that the work can be reprinted and bless others anew. But I’m sure these ongoing blessings happen with teaching and other professions as well–all service in faith and trusting God that our best work will remain.

      You’ve had a busy spring! Blessings, Ellen


      1. Hi, Ellen, I believe that anything we do for other people is as holy a creation as any work of art. I could not exist but for some really wonderful people who spend their days in an office doing -what for me would be mindless tasks – but for them challenges to keep this old world going. To me their work is a symphony no one ever hears, but that brings life to many.

        Your posts are always so filled with wisdom…and for prompts for us to contemplate such things. Many thanks. Merrill


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