Acrostic for LIGHT

One of my special joys in life is to watch the light each day and through the seasons.  This acrostic wrote itself yesterday.

L  ove

I  nspires

G  oodness

H  ope and

T  ruth

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5 thoughts on “Acrostic for LIGHT

  1. Thank you for some light. We’ve had non-stop rain for so long now and light is dim each day. I just noticed that we have so little light that the leaves on my day lilies are turning yellow! You’re little ray of sunshine is most welcome. Many thanks, Merrill


      1. I think my whole garden is drowned. I can’t wait for it to stop raining long enough for me to get out there and see what has given in to the darkness/rain. I did see some blue sky today for a little while…so I’m hoping maybe tomorrow…


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