“The genius of poetry . . .” Luci Shaw

“The genius of poetry is that it verbalizes what many people have felt without quite knowing how to express it.  A poet brings the details into warm resonance on an emotional or spiritual level.”

~ Luci Shaw ~

BREATH FOR THE BONES Art, Imagination, and Spirit: Reflections on Creativity and Faith (page 173).   Published in 2007, Thomas Nelson.  Author Copyright.


This is a wonderful book, one that I return to often.  We all hopefully know those times when a poem helps and heals in a way that transcends our intellectual understanding.  Many of Luci Shaw’s poems bless me in this way.

We also know that sometimes we are given gifts to share with others, and we are simply blessed by God’s grace in being able to create these gifts.  Yet, we learn to practice and live in a way that allows for these gifts to be given.  This is a unique journey for each of us, and we all have our own stories and art to share.

“Woodland Sunflower” is courtesy of wpclipart.com.  Luci Shaw is also a photographer, and there are many beautiful photos on her website.

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