Wait on the Lord ~ Psalm 27

Wait on the Lord: be of good courage,

and he shall strengthen thine heart:

wait, I say, on the Lord.

Psalm 27: 14 (KJV)

If I had to mention one Bible verse that has held me together in my darkest days, it would be this verse.

When Karl and I lived in Illinois, I taught Sunday School year-round for 12 years.  Sometimes we taught together; I could not have kept this commitment with my full-time school/work schedule without his support.

Karl could so easily help with the geography of a lesson, for example; and I would encourage the children that God cares when their feelings are hurt on the playground.   I had been an elementary school teacher for 5 years, and the Sunday School years were the same as my university years.  The reason I mention this is that one of the facts we highlighted in the Bible stories was the length of time between some of God’s promises and their fulfillment.

Blogging is another long-term promise God kept to me:  He reassured me my poetry would find its readers.  Thank you and I try to visit as many blogs as I can as well.  Grateful for our community every day–you keep me writing!  When God made this promise, I had no idea in the world that such a thing as a blog could exist!

The image is a free sample from Dover Publications: from Tiffany Stained Glass Giftwrap Paper.

6 thoughts on “Wait on the Lord ~ Psalm 27

  1. Hi, Ellen, Love this post. The last thing in the world I ever expected to do was blog! I’ve always felt that GOD will do whatever GOD wants to do with whatever I create…and I just have fun with it.

    The verse that I’ve seen things that seemed miraculous around is Psalm 46… but two verses have spoken to my soul… that are not easily explained what they mean to me. The first one is Psalm 19:3… There is no speech, nor are there words; their voice is not heard.. This verse reassures me that even though I may not know the words… what is more important is “being”…. GOD creates us as GOD wants us to “be”… and I am always lost for words!

    The second verse that speaks to me “without words”… is Psalm 110: 7… “He will drink from the brook by the way; therefore he will lift up his head”… Now my Bible says that it’s a corrupted verse that there’s something missing in the end of this Psalm… but those words tell me that there is a “brook” – (in other places it’s described as a “river”) – and I’ve found it to be the river of kindness, love, peace, joy etc. Early Christians were said to follow “The Way”… and I’ve been aware that this feeling of a way is as old as mankind itself.

    As I said, not easily explained why these verses mean so much to me. But this post you just posted is a wonderful opportunity to share some of my joy and peace I’ve tasted from that brook by the way. Many thanks for a place to share these things.


    1. Dear Merrill, Thank you and I love what you say about “being.” I first learned of “being time” from Madeleine L’Engle, and I witnessed it with my mother, in her last illness. It was actually hard for me to return to everyday life. Then our house had to be rebuilt from the inside and the carpenters got me laughing again. One of them said that was their goal, at least one time of laughter a day! This weekend or so, I want to research Psalm 110. This post just poured out today…it is a mystery. I think this genre of blogging is only going to grow…Blessings, Ellen


  2. I can relate to your soothing words! I had been writing from 1971, and never shared but always chased the dollar and wordly success. I have always known God and He has always placed me where i could do the most good! The job helped a lot of people, and when that came to an end, he reminded me one night he had given me a gift. Now i was still writing praises to God everyday, and when prodded me to share my poetry…I thought that no one would care or even read it. It was always my special private joy written for Him. But he kept speaking to me through poeple and events…I relented and gathered up and typed up about 37 manuscripts of poetry and started having them copyrighted. Near the end of 2009, New years eve to be exact, i presented it to him and said i would begin to share in January, still a little hesitant, i reminded Him that i had never tried this before, but i was doing it because He asked. The first poem i sent to an internet magazine,was quickly, i thought turned down, i had received an e-mail saying it would not probably be accepted. A little dismayed i felt a little dejected. When i was going to try another that same day, as i got ready to send it by e-mail, a new message appeared regarding the first one from the editor at americandiversityreport.com, she said it was the most beautiful poem she had ever read! Since then the poems have been shared at many sites by thousands of brothers and sisters. God lead me and i followed His lead…he will never lead us into a failing situation, and will always be with us in all we do. He does indeed care for His saints and what we do, sharing, emulates one of His best traits, sharing his love always with all of us and we in return sharing with all of our brothers and sisters worldwide. Sorry for the long post…but i just wanted to let you know that my call was similar to your call…we are one in spirit with him always! Thanks for the wonderful post today. Love you Ellen, my sister! May sweet blessing always shower your days! P.S., his promises are always true blessings! The editor at www.http://americandiversityreport.com, loves to read and post poems in her beautiful internet magazine. She is a dear friend of mine…very special!


    1. Dear Wendell, Thank you for your very generous comment. “…he will never lead us into a failing situation, and will always be with us in all we do.” When we cannot understand events in our lives–He gives us Himself in a deeper way. Times when I have felt like a “failure” have only led to deeper writing, and like you, a knowledge that what I am doing is helping others. Grace and unconditional love!

      Blessings always, Ellen


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