sunrise poem


the gift of seasons

still having the faith
to keep trying when
we could have stayed
discouraged many times

(though sometimes we need
a rest and can trust
our part of this work
to others for a time)

the miracle of being here  

saying our thank yous
to God

and to one another

this day

The “yellow flower” is courtesy of

5 thoughts on “sunrise poem

  1. Blessings upon blessings… there are so many surprises in store for each moment … Of course there are things to worry about, and things too big for us to deal with in our lives, but I find my days so filled with amazing things, I haven’t time for the shadows… It reminds me of my Dad’s saying, “I’m too busy to get sick!” And so the seasons keep us on our toes, keeping us too busy to dwell too long in shadows. Love your post Ellen… Many thanks.


      1. I just saw your repost on the other blog and I can’t thank you enough for these prompts to look toward what really matters in our lives. Many thanks, Ellen.


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