The Course Of Our Seasons, by Kathleen Gresham Everett


I’d like to begin, or I should say continue, a series of posts about books by friends who are a part of the blogs, in some way.  I love giving and receiving books; subscriptions to poetry print journals are another lovely idea. From the beginning of my blogs, I have not seen any conflict between on-line and print publications.*  Rather I see endless opportunities for supporting one another, and sharing new ideas.

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This afternoon, Kathleen’s book

Kathleen Gresham Everett’s beautiful poetry book is here by my computer, as I type.  The title is THE COURSE OF OUR SEASONS.  The link to her site is  You’ll find complete publishing information there.

Kathleen’s well-crafted poems are organized into three sections in her book:  Nature’s Seasons, Spirit’s Seasons, and Heart’s Seasons.  She wishes her readers a “thoughtful and wonderful journey.”  I enjoy rereading her poems, here and there.  I also follow her blog.

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* I began blogging in December 2009, with Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.  Thank you, Ellen

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