Time Of Singing: A Journal Of Christian Poetry – Post updated 2/4/2015

As many of you know, TIME OF SINGING (TOS), was one of the first poetry journals to accept my work.  It can take time for a poem to find its home, and TOS is very special to me.

Benjamin P. Browne was the Founder; Charles A. Waugaman edited for years; Lora H. Zill has now been the editor for many years.  I think I began subscribing in 1989.

Lora has kept the price affordable.  I look forward to four issues a year, and each is a work of art.

You can link to the TOS Facebook page, from the site if you wish.

Charles Waugaman was called Home in 2010.  Lora honored his legacy in every issue for a full year, by reprinting his poems and illustrations.

This year, I thought I’d reread past Winter issues of TIME OF SINGING.  Today I’m enjoying the December 1997 issue. In his Editor’s Aria, Charles said, “We know to consider the Incarnation of Christ, one has to deal with the whole Bible…Each year, each day, each reading, I realize anew how much of a piece is our scripture.”

Post updated on February 4, 2015.  Please see the Time Of Singing website for the most current information.

2 thoughts on “Time Of Singing: A Journal Of Christian Poetry – Post updated 2/4/2015

  1. Wow, I wasn’t familiar with this publication. When my provision needs are solved, I’ll be happy to subscribe. I love to support small businesses and their work is as a rule quite amazing! Perhaps, when I’ve seen an issue or two I’ll be honored by being published by them as well! Thanks for sharing your story, too! Blessings!


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