Christmas tanka in memory

third year since
Jesus called Mom home
Christmas bouquet
of baby’s breath
and evergreens

Published in TIME OF SINGING (Winter 2006/2007).  Enola M. Borgh, my mother, lived on earth from 1917 – 2004.  How she would love to know how much I am writing now–but I feel she does know.  When I was helping to care for her, she always asked if I was writing.  This was not pressure but rather reflected her concern for my time.  There is a mystery, I feel, about God’s time for things, and I trust Him more and more.  Mom died when I was 50 and now I am almost 59.  I told her about some projects during her last illness, and she said, “That’s worthy.”  This was an old-fashioned Biblical blessing, which I cherish.

My gratitude journal this morning is easy:  a winter storm and we have not lost power.

Christmas blessings,


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6 thoughts on “Christmas tanka in memory

  1. Beautifully done.
    For one month, every evening I wrote two Tankas, one of the best moment of the day, and one of the worst. The next month I wrote only one each evening–and that was of finding something good in the worst moment.
    Tanka writing is a wonderful mini-journal, and this post was very touching. Thank you.


    1. Dear eikenlaan, Blessings as you remember your dad, this first Christmas since his passing. My dad died when I was 29 and my love for him transferred to my mother’s care. I am very slow, but I have found that love keeps growing. Ellen


  2. I hope your power stays on. Thanks for sharing your heart with us. My mom never knew I turned into a writer. I wonder what she would think of that. How wonderful you have the memory of, “That’s worthy.”


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