Two Poems by Charles A. Waugaman

Beginning And End

beneath the sun
have run
the honored right
to such delight
as being labeled this.
But even more, most of us miss
the opportunity to soar
when newness comes.
Messiah plumbs
the depths of the unique
and those who seek
the Light
discover sight.bells_1_red


As the gull
rests on the air currents,
thus I would rest
on the breath of the Spirit,
so at ease
so certain
I could turn my vision
back and forward,
and decipher
my meaning.


From WITHIN The Circle Of Seasons: Poems by Charles A. Waugaman (2003, Elin Grace Publishing).  Charles was called Home in 2010, and we published this book of his work together.  Elin Grace Publishing was named for my grandmothers.  This book is out of print and I have retired from book publishing.  I know Charles would love for me to share more of his work with you.  All Rights Reserved To His Family.  Thank you, Ellen

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