THF Per Diem for March 2013 ~ Judeo-Christian Traditions, Carmen Sterba, Editor

October 19, 2014 note:  There is a Per Diem Archive at The Haiku Foundation, if you would like to read the poems from March 2013, and/or other months.  Stella Pierides is the Per Diem Project Manager.

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The Haiku Foundation (THF) posts a haiku every day.  This feature is called Per Diem: Daily Haiku.   Carmen Sterba is the Guest Editor for March:  Judeo-Christian Traditions.  You can learn more, if you wish, by reading the introduction by Jim Kacian, which includes commentary by Carmen Sterba, on THF troutswirl blog – February 28, 2013 post.

Blessings, Ellen
March 1, 2013

and . . .

March 18, 2013:

I wrote this haiku yesterday, and posted it in the comments for the March Per Diem today:

Good Friday
shadows of trees
on the road