Gratitude Journal Update


I’d like to slowly review my blogs and see what I have forgotten.  Sometimes I rediscover a Bible verse and/or poem God gave me awhile ago, with something I need to relearn in a new situation.  It’s also encouraging to see what has been accomplished, as I often am thinking about what I have yet to do.

After reading some of  Ann Voskamp’s work, I began writing and sharing selections from my gratitude journal.  My last update here was in January, with blessing 146.  So far I have counted to 311, on my way to one thousand, someday, Lord willing.  I haven’t been consistent – caught up to summer this morning.

I’ll share a few:

147.  This quiet time with our blogs

156.  Sometimes the blessing is in the form of a poem:

writing poetry
sun shines on unfinished wood
around the window

163.  Protected from the cold

182.  Art on the walls

183.  Rest, work, rest . . .

184.  Road crews – safe roads

197.  9 degrees this AM – sun further north

213.  One of your favorite acrostics:

L  ove
E  verlasting
N  ot
T  emporary

220.  Earlier sunrise

229.  Reading novels

233.  Colorful afghans from Bethesda Thrift Store

238.  Maple trees being tapped

264.  First day of Spring

271.  Robins

272.  Red-wings

273.  Easter, Christ Is Risen

278.  Snow melting

289.  Acceptance of the days I can’t work

290.  Drought healed


willow weeps and yet
how strong the branches
that hold their tears

309.  Sun on leafed-out birch tree

311.  God’s love

Ann Voskamp’s site and blog:

The vintage images are from Reusable Art – Breathing New Life Into Old Art.  I thought they’d go well with the idea of simple everyday blessings.