blue vase

Continuing with the theme of flowers in a blue vase,
here are some favorite photos by Karl,
from the last few years:


These daffodils returned from a compost pile.

These flowers were from Festival Foods in Sheboygan,
in an area that is growing again.

FarmersMktJune30 005

From the Farmers’ Market in Sheboygan, Wisconsin last June.

We’ll have to stop by again this year!


5 thoughts on “blue vase

    1. Hi Patti, Awhile ago, I received a planter with daffodils. That autumn, I didn’t have the energy to plant the bulbs, but didn’t want to throw them out. So I put them in a neighborhood compost pile for leaves etc. in a nearby woods. And they continue to bloom there. Karl picked several one year, and so the photo. Always enjoy your posts too! Ellen


        1. I shared your kind words with Karl. He knew of you because I shared your story about the squirrel and peanuts!

          How do you feel about reblogging? I’d love to post one or two of your photos here . . .

          Surely respect that everyone has different views about reblogs.

          Thanks, Ellen


          1. I’ve reblogged a couple of articles from others, but I’ve never been asked. I trust you with my material and ask only for credit for any photos. I’m blessed you would deem them worthy to publish on your lovely blog. Thanks for your request.


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