Being still . . .

Since I began this blog with Psalm 46 and “being still,” I’m reflecting there more.  Haiku is a lot about being still.  There is always more to learn about craft and the history of this genre of poetry, and it is also a way of life.  The Psalms and haiku have been a part of my life for many years.  Years ago, my mother suggested I learn a form, and I found haiku.

I love poetry in general, and I’ve learned too to let each poem be itself.  Sometimes I may think I’ll write a haiku, and the poem says, “I’m a tanka,” or “I’m a longer free verse poem.”  I love the mystery and process, as much as the discipline of writing – which is a good structure.

“Being still” is how my poems arrive.

As many of you know, I recently helped begin The Haiku Foundation Education Wall.  Specifically, I helped write 10 detailed elementary lesson plans.  This work is free, as are all the features and programs at The Haiku Foundation.  The work is all achieved by volunteers.  I hope over time that what I have been able to do is a very small part of the Ed Wall, because so many people are a part of the work.  We also look forward to many new haiku by the next generation of poets!

This is the link to Jim Kacian’s post about this new work, at the foundation:

I posted a thank you note there too, as many people are a part of this work and helped me to do my part.

Thank you,