The shelves in this little room hold more years and decades than I know.  Books that went to my parents from generations previous to theirs are here, along with books I’ve bought recently.  There are old hardcovers and paperbacks in many different shapes and sizes.  I love the small books of haiku from various presses.  Labors of love.  I sort of know where things are, and I like making different still life arrangements.  I’m sure many have the experience of having a book for a time, and then the day it is read, is the day when the words mean the world.

a few poems
and pages
to hear an
author’s voice

I give many books away too.  When my mother was in a nursing home, I thought, “What books would I want to find if I was here?”  I brought a collection and left them on a table in their nice library.  They were surely appreciated.  It’s nice to include a few books, if possible, with a clothes donation.  We go to places to shop where we also donate.  I’m happy to find a sweater for a few dollars, too.

The picture is by Kate Greenaway (1846 – 1901), from the cover of a vintage book; courtesy of

2 thoughts on “bookshelves

  1. Ellen, your words evoke such cozy memories as I am reminded of my own love of books. It pleases me so much that my own children have inherited a love for the printed word. They have been surrounded with books since birth. How kind and generous of you to bless others with your gifting of literature to others. I really appreciate your poems and the pictures you choose to post with them.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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