three short poems

still life painting
outside my window
Autumn quiet

morning rain
rereading familiar
poems of faith

late September
and time with old friends
afternoon sun
shines on leaves
turning gold


The pictures are from The Dover Design Sampler:  samples from Redoute Flowers and Fruits.

The poems are from my blogs.  For new readers, my first blog is Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin.

I’ll also begin updating Short Holiday Poems more often.

Blessings and prayers, Ellen

11 thoughts on “three short poems

  1. Ellen, I need to tell you that I learn so much when I visit your sites. The beauty and the peace I enjoy in your poetry has taught me to reach higher; my goal is to evoke peace and joy in my own writing. You may be retired from teaching… but you are now instructing by example through your posts.

    Blessings from an admiring friend ~ Wendy


      1. When I saw the vertical dimple (crease) I knew they couldn’t be blueberries…but having just seen some, was half-hoping they were! I believe the post I saw was re-blogged a short time before yours…the fruit-filled “happy face”. 🙂


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