a time to reread and reflect


“In prayer, I see the suffering bathed in light.”

Anne Lamott
HELP, THANKS, WOW The Three Essential Prayers
Riverhead Books, 2012
Author Copyright
(page 16)

“I am bell, and He is sure wind . . .”

Ann Voskamp
Selections from One Thousand Gifts
Zondervan, 2012
Author Copyright
(page 43)

I stopped recording in my gratitude journal when I reached blessing 335, as I feel a lot is recorded in my blogs.  Yet now, as the days grow shorter, I think I’ll reread and maybe recopy from the old journals to a new journal, and draw some pictures, and/or glue some pictures from magazines – and continue on my way to “one thousand gifts.”

“Bible flower” is courtesy of wpclipart.com.

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