His love

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I’m enjoying Ann Voskamp’s new Christmas book very much. *

Some of you have also mentioned Sarah Young’s books, which I also read and reread.  Both authors write from a deep place of faith, from great need of God.  I find their work to be a comfort, and their books always lead me to the Bible and prayer.

So many good authors and books to read, including books by fellow bloggers in my library as well.

I hope to post here more often and share about the books that mean so much to me.  Sometimes when I read a lot, poems simply arrive.  Perhaps because words are flowing through my mind, and then I simply look up from a page, and I write the poem outside the window at that moment.  I don’t ever tire of writing about the same things.

Thank you, Ellen

* This is the link to the recent post where I mentioned Ann Voskamp’s new book, with the full reference and link to her site. https://elingrace.wordpress.com/2013/10/28/reading

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    My family is beginning to make some holiday plans. I know the holidays can be hard when we are missing loved ones. Thought I’d reblog this post from my Psalms And Nature blog. There may also be content there that someone may wish to read. I enjoy sharing about books too, and reading your blogs and books. Blessings, Ellen


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