a quieter Christmas


This year I seem to need more quiet.  Our families are simpler every year with expectations.  Sometimes giving each other room to breathe seems one of the best gifts.  I am blogging a little less and reading a little more.

Some thoughts to share . . .

Lora Zill, in her December 14, 2013 post, mentioned Kathleen Norris.  I enjoyed many of her books too, and her thoughts about a contemplative life.   Time to re-visit her work, and I haven’t read all of her books.

Lora’s site can be found at http://thebluecollarartist.com.  I’ve known Lora for many years as Editor of Time Of Singing, a print journal, and enjoy how blogs, journals, and books all create a special community.

I mentioned Carol Purington in an earlier December post.  One of my favorite books by her is her classic FAMILY FARM Haiku for a Place of Moons (1999, Winfred Press).  I love what Carol says in her introduction:  “Poetry tells truth in its own way.”

Carol’s work is also published in Time Of Singing.  Here is a link to a few Christmas haiku by Carol, from Family Farm, that we published in 2011 on my first blog:


Yesterday Luci Shaw’s new book of poems arrived: SCAPE (The Poiema Poetry Series).  The Foreword is by Eugene Peterson.  Luci Shaw is “The Winner Of The 2013 Denise Levertov Award.”  After I publish this post, I am going to begin reading slowly.


Finally, a conversation with Lora reminded me of a book I read from to my mother:  THE CHRISTIAN IMAGINATION The Practice of Faith in Literature and Writing; Leland Ryken, Editor (2002, Shaw Books, an imprint of WaterBrook Press).  I plan to reread, and I doubt that I read the whole book before.  Will share more thoughts with you.

My Quiet Christmas Poetry site seems to be touching a few hearts.  It’s nice sometimes to collect poems in a new way.


Thanks for reading and blessings.  What are some of your favorite books?


The “Japanese Plant Stencil” is courtesy of http://reusableart.com.plants-06

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