grace and healing

Almost 20 years ago, the gift of His presence:

coming out of
anesthesia . . .
the Cross on the wall

Published in Time Of Singing (1997).

As Isaiah says in Chapter 55, His ways are not our ways.  They are higher and better.  This is what God gave to me during my Bible reading in the hospital almost 20 years ago.

I have sat with loved ones in hospitals and other places of care, and sometimes on their way Home.  You didn’t find me in so many places during those years.  But I could go to those places, where I was called to go, and given the Grace, because I knew what illness can do.  It was a huge effort to attend family parties.  Anyone who has had a chronic illness and/or cared for someone knows this well.  We change and it can take time to feel like ourselves again, and so time for others to understand as well.

Now everyday life is my great joy.  To feel at home again.

light from the fireplace
on the floor


Thank you and blessings,


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  1. Good morning, Ellen – so happy that you feel at home again and that you share your story and beautiful words with us (with me) your words bring such comfort and joy to my life – thank you for that most splendid gift – blessings and love , Kathleen


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