Time Of Singing – Winter 2013/14

The new TIME OF SINGING, A Magazine Of Christian Poetry, arrived (Volume 40, Number 3).  Lora Homan Zill is the Editor.  This issue includes photos by Patricia Conway, and other issues include original illustrations. Along with Cathy Porter, I served as a Contest Judge.  The quality is excellent; I’ve subscribed for years.  TOS is also a good place to begin, and I always feel as if I am just beginning.  It is wonderful to express faith in our art, and TOS is also a place to ask questions and write about the difficult times.  Reading the Psalms again today, I know again how God welcomes our honest prayers.

When I began blogging in December 2009, one of my goals was to say “thank you” to the editors and print journals who included my work, and perhaps help a few more poets and journals find one another.  I don’t see any conflict between blogs and journals; rather a wonderful collaboration.  Lora has also included poems from my blogs in TOS.  Some editors do not review poems from blogs (always read the guidelines carefully and get to know a journal, before taking the time to offer your work for review).

Here is the website for TOS, and it is easy to link to their Facebook Page from their site.  http://timeofsinging.com

New people are finding this blog, so thought I’d highlight the new issue of TIME OF SINGING.  I’ll be sending in my renewal soon, along with a few gifts for others.