God’s love and plans


I enjoy reading the Bible in different English translations (studied the French language for years, but that was decades ago).  This week I’ve been reading again in THE PROMISE Contemporary English Version (copyright 1995, Thomas Nelson, Inc.).

The Psalms in this Bible are taped together in many places, as this Bible has been with me in many places.  I added more tape this week.  Sometimes I simply hold this Bible and rest.  The commentary in this Bible is friendly and helpful.  This week, I am meditating on God’s Love in Romans 8: 31 – 39.  The short paragraph by these words says, ” . . . Do you sometimes miss friends lost through misunderstanding, death, or unfaithfulness?  This sadness is only natural – but your sorrow will melt into joy as you preview God’s perfect plan that cannot fail.  God always has a better idea – a design that is bigger and more beautiful than anything you have ever dreamed” (page 1314).

When I went through a “dark night of the soul,” a long time ago, I read the Psalms.  I also was not writing.  Then as I read the Psalms aloud in different translations, the verses provided a way for my emotions to be expressed through prayer.  Over time, I then began naturally comparing different versions in my mind.  I believe this helped me to begin again.  Haiku and other short forms of poetry also seemed possible; and yet the more I study, the more I know no one can ever “master” any form.  How wonderful.

Now I think of the song I learned as a child: “Jesus loves me/this I know/for the Bible tells me so . . .”

The rose is from http://reusableart.com.

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