The beautiful new TIME OF SINGING arrived yesterday.  I’m honored that poems from my blogs are included.

* * *

Holy Week
lily flowers
wait to bloom

sometimes by sight
in my life of faith
apple trees in bloom

trusting God
a little more
with my questions
fog rests
on Spring fields

* * *

Ellen G. Olinger
Time Of Singing
Volume 41 Number 1
Spring 2014

Lora Homan Zill is the Editor.  The Contributing Editors for this issue are H. Edgar Hix and Shirley S. Stevens.  The Illustrations are by Janyce Brawn.  The Webmaster is Audrey Stallsmith.


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Lora Zill has a beautiful and interesting website and blog:


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Author: Ellen Grace Olinger

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." From Ecclesiastes 3:11a (KJV).

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