Christmas Chapbook and Time Of Singing

As many of you know from my first blog, Poems From Oostburg, Wisconsin, my small site, Quiet Christmas Poetry, is now available as a large print book.  The Christmas site will stay online as a free version of the print book.  People read in so many ways now, which is wonderful.

The book is listed at Time Of Singing, on their books page.  All proceeds benefit this poetry print journal, which was founded in 1958 by Dr. Benjamin Browne.  Lora Homan Zill is the current editor, and Charles A. Waugaman was the editor when I began with this journal in the late 1980s.

Here on Poems From Psalms And Nature, I created a special page for the book: Quiet Christmas Poetry Chapbook.  There is a large picture of the cover, which is a favorite photo by Karl, of the Lake Michigan beach in winter.

The design of the book reflects my past career in special education, and the years I served as one of my mother’s caregivers.  Along with home health care, I also spent a lot of time with my mother in a nursing home.  I think this book will work well for all ages.  My many years of reading and writing haiku are also a major influence.  When I was recovering from major surgery and a chronic illness, the simplicity of haiku chapbooks blessed me, and continues to bless.

And I prayed the Psalms, and continue to pray the Psalms.

So this is a book of short poems and Bible verses (32 pages).  It is a gentle book.  There are two blank pages at the end, if readers wish to write a few poems of their own.  Or perhaps if someone is reading the book, taking a short break, a place to write a list for a store, or something to remember to share with a friend.  A prayer.  I hold this book close to my heart, and I also let it go.

This work would not have been completed without Karl’s help.  And thanks again to Lora Zill for handling the sales of the book.  Her press is Wind & Water Press.

Thank you, Ellen

Author: Ellen Grace Olinger

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." From Ecclesiastes 3:11a (KJV).

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