Sometimes I wonder how much beauty my heart can hold.  A quiet day here, this first day of January 2015.  I saw the afternoon light rest for a moment on the pink poinsettia, wrapped with gold paper, that we found on sale at Home Depot.  The golden light.

I thought of the verse in the book of Job, “I shall come forth as gold.”   And my mother loved Robert Frost and his famous line of poetry, “Nature’s first green is gold . . .”

Sometimes I wonder how much beauty the heart can hold, and know this is one of the reasons I pray the Psalms.  To give voice, to pray along with many others through the ages, to find a place of peace and calm.

Psalm 18: 1 (KJV):  I will love thee, O Lord, my strength.

Luci Shaw has a chapter, “Entering Into Beauty” in her book, Breath for the Bones:  Art, Imagination, and Spirit (2007, Thomas Nelson).  She says, “I have vowed never to cut myself off from beauty” (page 23).

The picture of the “house sparrow” is from wpclipart.