TIME Of SINGING – Winter 2014/15

Today is a quiet day with a blue sky, and sun on the evergreens and birch trees.

I’m reading the new Time Of Singing (TOS).

In her Editor’s Aria, Lora Homan Zill explains that as of Spring 2015, the subtitle for TOS will be “A Journal Of Christian Poetry”  in order to best reflect Time Of Singing these days (as opposed to a magazine).

Lora Zill adds, “TOS will stay the same, a special community of poets who explore the great themes of our faith and life.”  Her complete Editor’s Aria for Winter 2014 is posted at the TOS site.

Audrey Stallsmith is the Webmaster for Time Of Singing, which also has a Facebook page.

One of my goals when I began with WordPress in December 2009 was to thank the editors and poetry print journals where my work has been published.

Time Of Singing
A Journal Of Christian Poetry

thank you