The WordPress Prompt today is Toy Story.  We are asked to reflect upon our favorite plaything as a child and possible connection to today.

My answer is books.  While technical areas are hard for me, I do not remember learning how to read.  I read book after book.

I still love the beginning of John’s Gospel, “In the beginning was the Word . . .”

This love of books, and now blogs as well, is a comfort and challenge every day.  You may remember Quiet Christmas Poetry, a large print chapbook that Karl and I published last year.  We donated all proceeds to Time Of Singing. There is information on the TOS books page, if you are interested.

The Christmas blog is a free version of the book.  When I spent time with my mother in a nursing home, I saw writing classes for the residents.  One of my ideas is that the simple book may be a bridge to blogging for an older person who would like a new hobby and conversations.  I see so many blogs with different interests:  birds, crafts, poetry, food, family, watercolors, gratitude, etc.  More ideas than I ever imagined before.  So much creativity and hope.

And I think it is great the way print books and journals, and online ways of creating, can reinforce one another.  Lately, I ‘m also beginning again with crafts I used to enjoy; for example, knitting and coloring my own drawings of flowers.


Post updated on June 23, 2015.