Psalm 20 – a poem

This is an old poem, and it was inspired by a pond and heron in Illinois.

Psalm 20

There are days
when everything seems a metaphor . . .
I persist with a bottle of salad dressing
that won’t open
Touch the childhood scar on my forehead
now blended with a wrinkle
Am comforted by cards and letters
sent at just the right time
Gaze at the blue heron who stayed
long into the Fall
And marvel at the migrating monarchs
on their way.

I ponder the limits of persistence
for the heron left one day
And feel wounds aging into wisdom
although scars do stay
Recognize “help from the sanctuary”
and read Psalm 20 once again
In wonder at these days when
everything seems a metaphor . . .

New dreams were growing all along
And would be tested true
I finally flew to embrace them too.

Ellen Grace Olinger
Published first in Midwest Poetry Review (1994).