Quiet Christmas Poetry and Time Of Singing


Under “Book Offers” in the Fall 2015 issue of Time Of Singing, Lora Homan Zill, Editor, included a picture of the Christmas book and wrote: “Light and easy to hold, with large print, it is ideal for anyone battling or recovering from serious illness, or who needs a special word of encouragement over the holiday season.”  This was the goal, and we are grateful.

If you wish to order a copy of Quiet Christmas Poetry, please visit the books page at Time Of Singing.  There is an ordering form that may be printed.  The price is $5.00 per copy, or 3 copies for $12.00.  All proceeds benefit TOS.

A subscription for Time Of Singing would also be a wonderful gift for others, and perhaps for yourself as well.

The book cover photo of the winter Lake Michigan beach is by Karl.  I’ll close this post with his original photo.

Blessings, Ellen