Haiku and Tanka by Carol Purington

These poems by Carol Purington first appeared on this site on March 22, 2011.  Please visit Woodslawn Farm for more information about her work.

Earth’s roll:
tractor and plow turn over
a new spring


Bounded by strand
above strand of song
– the robin’s acre


Sudden shower –
leaving open the window
nearest the lilacs


Tell me how
the sky’s color is changed
by a cello note
and I will sing you
a sunrise

the shine of a firefly
in my room
the shape of a hermit’s hut
beside a mountain path


Haiku are from FAMILY FARM Haiku for a Place of Moons,
by Carol Purington.  Winfred Press (1999, 2015).

Haiku and tanka are copyrighted by Carol Purington.

The cover of Family Farm is featured in the first Gallery of Cover Art at The Haiku Foundation, which I helped begin.


Author: Ellen Grace Olinger

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." From Ecclesiastes 3:11a (KJV).

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