Discover Challenge: Mind the Gap


Mind the Gap – I love to learn.  It is indeed interesting to reflect upon various creative projects.  Some days, creating posts, the work is easy.  Other days, a post that takes a minute to view may take me some time to create.  One day, I might take a photo and it shows what I see.  Other days, I try many times.  Or I stop for the day, and then the next day or two, things seem easier.   I am retired now.

Growing older, I have a different perspective on time.  As a teacher, I had to be “on time” and meet many deadlines.  With other projects, there can be another sense of time.  A poem may take some time, and still seem new and bless others years later.

Each project has its own journey.  Creativity is an important part of health for me.  I have also learned if I can no longer do one thing, to try something else.  My definition of creativity includes many activities.  The caregiving years with my mother and family were very creative.  Later on, my poetry reflected all I could not write at the time.

snow falls
in the night
quiet songs

Poem and letters: Ellen Grace Olinger

There is a lot of rest around the work now.

This photo of our paperwhites is one of my favorites.  I tried different ideas, and then cropped the photo to show the flowers most of all.

Ellen Grace Olinger



Author: Ellen Grace Olinger

"He hath made every thing beautiful in his time..." From Ecclesiastes 3:11a (KJV).

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