My Poet Profile at the Haiku Registry, and two haiku

Billie Wilson is the editor and manager for the Haiku Registry at The Haiku Foundation.  I am grateful for her help with my Poet Profile page.  The current selection of my haiku includes both an early poem, and a more recent poem, from Time Of Singing (TOS), a journal I have often mentioned here.  Lora Homan Zill is the editor for TOS.  Charles A. Waugaman was editor when I began with the journal some time ago.

old photos
on my desk –
bleeding hearts in bloom

(TOS, 1994)

Holy week
lily flowers
wait to bloom

(TOS, 2014)


The Haiku Foundation celebrates and reviews their work at this time of year.  More information about the Haiku Registry can be found in this post at the foundation:  Celebration Fortnight: Day 4.


It is wonderful to be able to share our best work in different ways.  Thanks to all who make this possible.

Ellen Grace Olinger