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small blankets

as if they could
store the sun
small blankets
on a chair
add color to
the scene
as they await
to warm
another time


Poem: Ellen Grace Olinger

“Clematis wallpaper red” – wpclipart

Trumpet Vines


Yesterday I posted a short poem that described a small country cemetery, with trumpet vines growing taller than the gravestones.  For me, this pictures the Easter story.

The photos of trumpet vines in this post are by “Paul Sherman of wpclipart dedicated to the Public Domain.”   He edits and manages this site, which is an education resource.



Weathered Photo Challenge

Beach032610 014

Lake Michigan
Photo by Karl – March 26, 2010

Mar-24-2011 015

Lake Michigan
Photo by Karl – March 24, 2011


New primrose plants and old leaves
Photo by Ellen – April 20, 2015

100_8180 (2)

Photo by Ellen – May 10, 2017