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The new BELL’S LETTERS arrived yesterday (No. 136 April 2011).  Happy to see this poem of mine included.  BL is a print journal edited by Jim Bell in Gulfport, MS, USA.


Skeins of geese flying
To our neighbor Canada
A brand new chapter…
Books arriving in the mail
Songs of beauty and courage.

Haiku and Tanka by Carol Purington

Earth’s roll:
tractor and plow turn over
a new spring


Bounded by strand
above strand of song
– the robin’s acre


Sudden shower –
leaving open the window
nearest the lilacs


Tell me how
the sky’s color is changed
by a cello note
and I will sing you
a sunrise

the shine of a firefly
in my room
the shape of a hermit’s hut
beside a mountain path


Haiku are from FAMILY FARM Haiku for a Place of Moons,
by Carol Purington.  Winfred Press (1999).

Haiku and tanka are copyrighted by Carol Purington.

Morning Song: Poems for New Parents, a poetry anthology edited by Susan Todd and Carol Purington, will be published on 4/26/2011, by St. Martin’s Press.